Evidence of Self-Sufficiency: Required Public Charge Documentation for Form I-944

UPDATE: Public Charge Rule Dismissed

Required Public Charge Documentation for Form I-944

A September 11, 2020 court decision removed blocks on the Inadmissibility on Public Charge Grounds rule nationwide. All applications and petitions subject to the rule postmarked or submitted after February 24, 2020 will be required to submit the I-944 form. USCIS will issue Requests for Evidence in those cases that did not include the form until October 13, 2020. If the I-944 form is not included after October 13, 2020, Form I-485 will be rejected at the time of filing.

Beneficiary Documents

☐ Social Security earnings and benefits statement (if beneficiary has worked for 40 qualifying quarters in the U.S.)

☐ Income tax from abroad, if last employment was abroad

☐ Proof of employment

☐ Employment verification letter

☐ Letter offering employment

☐ W-2s

☐ Most recent pay stubs for current year

☐ Documentation of liabilities and debts:

☐ Mortgages

☐ Car loans

☐ Medical debt

☐ Unpaid child or spousal support

☐ Unpaid taxes

☐ Credit card debt

☐ Other debts and liabilities

☐ Judgments and bankruptcies:

☐ Copies of any filings for bankruptcies

☐ Copies or information of any judgments

☐ Credit report and credit score (or evidence from credit bureau that proves no U.S. credit report exists)

☐ Evidence of Assets:

☐ Real Estate deeds, appraisal or mortgage documents showing equity

☐ Checking account statements for 12 months prior

☐ Savings account statements for 12 months prior

☐ Annuities showing monthly payments

☐ Stocks and bonds (cash value)

☐ Certificates of Deposit

☐ Retirement account statements for 12 months prior

☐ Educational account statements for 12 months prior

☐ Net cash value of real estate holdings

☐ Automobiles (if two or more)

☐ Other evidence of substantial assets

☐ Evidence of health insurance:

☐ Policy Declaration Page

☐ Proof of deductible or annual premium amount

☐ Copy of IRS Form 8962 or Form 1095A if you received a Premium Tax Credit or Advanced

Premium Tax Credit

☐  Proof of when insurance terminates or must be renewed

☐ Enrollment terms and type of coverage

☐ Form 1095-B Health Coverage; 1095C Employer Provided Health Insurance Offer and

Coverage with evidence of renewal or coverage for the current year

☐ Additional income documents for yourself and household members including (but not limited to):

☐ Child Support

☐ Social Security

☐ Unemployment Benefits

☐ Documents showing receipt of public benefits, including:

☐ Any Federal, State, local, or tribal cash assistance for income maintenance

☐ Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

☐ Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)

☐ Federal, State or local cash benefit programs for income maintenance (called “General

Assistance” or under other names)

☐ Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, or “Food Stamps”)

☐ Section 8 Housing Assistance under the Housing Choice Voucher Program

☐ Section 8 Project-Based Rental Assistance (including Moderate Rehabilitation)

☐ Public Housing under the Housing Act of 1937

☐ Federally funded Medicaid.

☐ Documents showing education and skills:

☐ Transcripts, diplomas, degrees and trade certificates

☐ If a current student, evidence of full-time studies

☐ If foreign degree – Credentials Evaluation

☐ Training certificates and/or licenses for any specific occupations or professions

☐ Certifications or courses in English and other languages in addition to English

☐ Native English speakers – high school diplomas and college degrees for English courses

studied for credit

☐ Any records related to criminal charges, arrests, or detainments by law enforcement officers for any reason:

☐ Official statement confirming no charges filed

☐ Copy of complete arrest record and/or disposition for each incident

☐ Sentencing record for each incident

☐ Probation or parole record

☐ Probation Evidence of alternative sentencing program or rehabilitative program

☐ Court order vacating, setting aside, sealing, expunging or otherwise removing the arrest or

conviction or a statement from the court that no record exists of your arrest or conviction

Click here to download a copy of the I-944 Declaration of Self-Sufficiency – Document Checklist & Questionnaire.

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