How to Increase Your Chances of Earning Permanent U.S. Residency Through Employment

immigration lawyers in Richmond VA Whether you’ve studied in the U.S. before or you’re even currently residing there on a student or temporary work visa, or you’ve never lived in the States, if you’re aiming to live in the U.S. as a permanent resident, employment may be the best way to do so. Once you’ve secured permanent residency through a job, you can then bring your immediate family (your spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21) as well.

Work with the Right Lawyer

The best immigration lawyers in Richmond VA know exactly how to tailor the permanent residency application process to every individual applying for a green card to make the process go as quickly as possible. If you have a family member in the area who can sponsor your application, it’ll go even more smoothly.

Apply for a Job First

If you have a job waiting for you — whether it’s a transfer from another branch in your company or a job you apply for on your own — you’re more likely to get permanent residency because your employer can sponsor your application. If the job starts fast, you can get temporary residency while you’re in the process of applying for a more permanent solution.

Learn a Trade or Degree

Specialized labor is in greater demand and is more likely to lead to your permanent residency. Professions that are particularly sought after include physicians, professors, researchers, and other professionals with advanced degrees. Even professionals with an undergraduate degree get more priority over those without one.

Permanent residents are even able to sponsor other members of their family, such as adult children who are both married and unmarried, which will make the process far easier for your loved ones to join you in the States. Work with an attorney at Challa Law who can look over your case and provide you with an individualized plan to permanent residency.