Is It Possible to Get a Visa for a Brief Stay in the U.S.?

employment visa statusIf you have family or friends in the U.S. and are about to take a trip that will take you to the States — even if it’s just for a couple of days before you get back on a plane to travel to another country — you might be worried that you’ll be stuck at the airport, unable to spend time on American soil outside of the airport. Something similar was even the basis for a movie. It is possible to sightsee and visit people you know for a short period; you just have to apply for a C-1 visa ahead of time.


At Challa Law, we offer the assistance of the best immigration attorney Glen Allen VA area residents and visitors are looking for. We’ll look over your case to see if you and your family qualify for C-1 visas. You’ll need at minimum:

  • Valid passports, good for at least six months longer than length of your U.S. visit
  • Two recent official photographs per person
  • Separate DS-160 visa applications for each person applying

Conditions of Your Stay

To qualify for a C-1 visa, your stay in the U.S. must not exceed 29 days. You must already have proof that you plan to head to another country, including a ticket to get there, the applicable paperwork you can stay in or travel to that country, and enough funds to make the trip and the stay possible.

Other C Visas

Most travelers looking for temporary visas for a short U.S. stay need the C-1 visa. C-2 and C-3 visas are for foreign nationals and government officials in the U.S. for official business.

If you don’t arrive in the U.S. already prepared, the number of days you hoped to spend in the States will pass by long before you can get the paperwork filed. Work with an immigration attorney in the U.S. like the ones at Challa Law as soon as you know you’re taking your trip. Any friends or family members already in the U.S. can meet with us in person to help you get your C-1 Visas.