Rahul S.

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I got my Green Card through Challa Law under EB-1 category. The team, especially, John Millburn is a great immigration attorney. He knows his stuff, very thorough, very professional, client attentive, and just a nice person to work with. I really enjoyed working with him.They are very professional and pay attention to details in your application and work with you diligently. They follow up with USCIS consistently to make sure everything is in order. A personal attention to the case is what they give you which most likely, you won’t get it from a larger firm. This is what i received from them. Getting green card under EB-1 is a challenging process but Challa Law has the recipe for success. Thanks Challa Law!

Kartik J.

Lakshmi is a professional immigration attorney and she is very empathetic and patient towards her clients. She genuinely understands the confusion and worry that immigration issues cause us and she prioritizes to reassure us as she provides solutions to our problems. Her authority over the immigration law was evident in the detailed questions she asked us and the clarity with which she guided us through our concerns. She infuses confidence in us and focuses on building trust by ensuring our smallest of concerns are answered and by clearly guiding us through the available options to make an informed decision. I would highly recommend the Challa Law Group for any immigration-related legal advice.

Stergio G.

Full of uncertainties and questions, I contacted Challa Law on issues regarding citizenship application and family-based residency. Attorney Challa and her staff showed genuine willingness and speed to assist me with my complicated inquiries and to help me set a clear plan. Lakshmi Challa truly impressed me with her professionalism, promptness, accessibility, and sense of care. In a line: I was hugely satisfied.

Dana Eggers, HR Manager, Vibrant Media, Inc.

Vibrant Media relies on Challa Law not only to prepare highly complex immigration petitions, but to provide strategies and alternatives customized to meet Vibrant’s business immigration needs. To streamline the L-1B process, Challa Law Offices customized an online L-1B case initiation kit for Vibrant, which eliminates much of the paperwork for HR. This, combined with Challa Law’s comprehensive understanding of Vibrant’s services and niche offerings makes for seamless, efficient case processing.

Paul Nimitz, Vice President, GlobeMed Resources, Inc.

We have found that Challa Law Offices processes our cases efficiently and provides timely solutions to our needs. GlobeMed relies on Challa Law to keep us abreast of the latest immigration laws and options available to our business and we have found them to be consistently on target with their advice.

Vickie Marandina, Human Resources Manager, Ironworks Consulting

Challa Law and the services that they provide have become a value-added extension of our business. We have no need to bring on in-house legal counsel regarding immigration issues for we can count on Challa Law to provide us with a prompt response time, expert advice, and courteous service. We consider Challa Law a highly regarded business partner and definitely recommend their services.

Arun Rao, Global Vice President, Human Resources, AppLabs

The attorneys at Challa Law Offices have significantly improved our success rate with immigration filings. Their in-depth subject matter knowledge and outstanding client service have helped us meet our own mission-critical deadlines. By providing streamlined, seamless immigration services and innovative strategies for overcoming immigration obstacles, Challa Law Offices has become one of our true business partners.