What Type of Visa Do You Need to Tour the U.S. for a Year?

immigration lawyer Richmond VA Global travel is the dream of many young adults before or during college — and it appeals to retired adults and adults between jobs as well. Backpacking across Europe is a popular excursion, for example. However, the United States is far larger than many other countries and you could justify spending an entire year traveling from state to state exploring the diversity within one nation.

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The best immigration lawyer Richmond VA area visitors and residents need can work with them regardless of the circumstances of their travel to the U.S. At Challa Law, we also help people currently in the U.S. to get their family members and friends in another country the visas they need to come for a visit or an extended stay.

The B-2 Visa

The B-2 visa is ideal for most people planning an extended trip to the U.S. It’s given for what are considered pleasure trips — vacations to sightsee, visits to friends and family or even for medical trips or community service trips. It can be issued for an entire year, allowing you plenty of time to visit each of your intended destinations.


To qualify for the B-2 visa, you must have proof of:

  • Enough funds to finance your trip
  • Your intended return date and a permanent residence to return to in your native country
  • Your trip’s qualification as a “pleasure trip” (if you have business to attend to, you may be better served by the B-1 visa)

A Challa Law attorney would be happy to help you get your application in order to be granted a temporary travel visa that will allow you to make your dream of traversing the United States a reality. Contact us about getting your B-2 visa — or seeing if there is a more appropriate visa for your circumstances — as soon as you start thinking of planning your trip.